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Business Portraits with a personality!

Contemporary-styled on-brand images that businesses can use for their website and digital marketing.

Stock Images Just Won't Do Anymore

Showing up and being visible is critical for a business to succeed in today's world of digital marketing.  

Brand images can highlight the personality and values of your people and your business, which is really important, because after all, people buy from people.


That's why stock images just won't do anymore.

When your potential client visits your website or comes across your social media account, they want to know who they will be dealing with. They want to know if they can trust your business, they want to know if they will be working with a team of friendly and approachable people.

Images showing two white male hands shaking on the home page of your website, or a huge mountain in the background of your service page doesn't really have the same impact, do they?

We had a brand shoot with Maira because we were due to renew our brand images. Maira made us all feel at ease as she knew exactly what we wanted to achieve and how to get there. The images we received back were fantastic and the whole team was very happy with the outcome of the images!

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First impressions count

You know this better than I do how important it is for your website to look professional and high-quality, just like the service you provide to all your clients. 

But imagine what kind of impression do poorly taken selfies or out of focus blurry images of your employees will create for the clients when they visit your website? 

This is why you need professional and high-quality images for your business that truly reflect the high standard of care and service that you provide your clients.

Attract your dream clients

People buy from people, and your clients are the same. They want to know, like and trust a business before they can buy from it.

​That's why it's essential that your business showcases it's values and personality across all the marketing drives and brand guidelines.

Previously, I have photographed businesses from a wide range of industries - from beauty and aesthetics businesses to IT companies to CICs. 

And all of them have reported higher engagement on their social media, an increase in website visits, more enquiries and more sales. 

​If this is what you are looking for as well in your business, then get in touch and we can have a chat to discuss the best possible package to fit your needs. 

I love how warm and inviting Maira made all of our images feel to our audience. Our branding, ethics and values shine through them all.


I would highly recommend Maira if you want images that start conversation with your audience and images that make you feel proud of yourself and your business.

Leading Ladies in Business

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What's Included?

I appreciate that every business is unique, so I always create a bespoke package for all my clients.

Based on your requirements, I can cover the following:

  • Lifestyle headshots

  • Team portraits

  • Event coverage

  • Product images

  • PR campaigns


Maira was so professional throughout, slick and she knew exactly what she was doing to maximise our time together and the outcomes.

I felt totally relaxed but directed so specifically.

Nick Richards, Business Owner.

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