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Hello & lovely to meet you!

I'm a personal brand photographer based in Chester.

I'm a mum of two, married to my best friend, and falling madly in love with my two-year-old puppy.

I have been doing yoga for 20 years but still can't do a day, some day.

I've been bitten really really hard by the travel bug, and am always dreaming of holidays in the sun.

I'm obsessed with reading, especially personal and business development books.

I wish I could dance more, sing better and eat chocolate without feeling guilty!

I've got a Superpower!

I am not shy to admit that I am am an extrovert! I love to connect with people and get to know them and their stories. I believe living life to the fullest, with positivity and passion.

And I like to think that I translate all this energy into my work too. On my shoots you'll have fun, you will feel relaxed and uplifted and most of all you'll feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera - that's my promise to you.   

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My photoshoot with Maira was great fun. I hate having my photo taken but she made me feel at ease and I forgot about the camera. 

Laura Anne Harvey, Hospitality Consultant.

How It Started

A couple of years ago I set up an online business selling vegan leather fashion accessories. I thought my products were beautiful but I was hardly getting any sales. I'll be honest, I was making do with just stock images and poorly-lit selfies. I just had a few images of my products against a white background, and they looked so boring and bland! 


No wonder,  I wasn't doing well. I had zero visibility on my social media channels and my ideal clients didn't know who I was, let alone trust me enough to buy my products. It was this harsh truth that led me to understand the importance of branding and how crucial it was for me to get a professional brand photographer who could really level up my game. Without this investment, my business was going to sink! 

Where I Am Now

This was such a pivotal moment for me. The brand shoot changed the game; I went from being a small struggling business owner to someone who was finally smashing it! And I got hooked. I wanted to help other businesses in the same way. I wanted to show how important it was to increase our visibility and stand out from the competition!

Fast forward a few years, and after undertaking a diploma in professional photography and working closely with my mentor through an intensive business coaching program, I launched my own brand photography business in 2022. And I can tell you that not a single day goes by, when I don't think about how grateful I am to be doing what I absolutely love and at the same time helping other businesses achieve their dreams of success and growth too. 


Today, I work exclusively with female entrepreneurs to help them feel more confident with their marketing and grow a powerful and impactful brand. So many of my incredible clients have told me how much time and stress I have saved them, especially when it comes to posting consistently on social media. They can now focus their energy on attracting their ideal clients and growing their business. 

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Maira Azhar Photography-70.jpg

Im not a fan of being in front on the camera like so many, but Maira put me at ease. She took the time to find out about me and my business and could therefore bring that into the shoot - AND we had fun!

Lou Davis, Social Media Manager

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